LOTUSWARE | Dana Harris

A space fantasy saga that pits a new era of ideals against the old era of tradition. Those caught in this conflict—will they hold onto the past or forge a new future?

Currently in pre-visualization and casting

A retro adventure that is both joyful and depressing. Puzzles are crazy-difficult and way-too-easy. Fights are exciting and boring. Characters are beloved and loathed entirely. A healthy mix of action, platforming, bullet-hell, RPG, visual novel, and relationship manager.

Currently in development

An Action-RPG set in the world of ERAFLUX. The mission is yet unknown, but still you and many others are haunted by an inescapable dread and plagued by a vision of what’s to come…

On hold while I work on other things

Layout, background music, emotes, & more! I was commissioned to do a complete aesthetic package for a Twitch streamer.